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pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager Class Reference

Manages the live-coprocessing link. More...

#include <pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager.h>

Inherits QObject.


void insituConnected ()
void insituDisconnected ()
void nextTimestepAvailable ()

Public Member Functions

 pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager (int connection_port, pqServer *server)
 ~pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager () override
bool hasExtracts (pqOutputPort *) const
 returns true of the port is extracted over to the visualization server. More...
pqServerinsituSession () const
pqServerdisplaySession () const
bool addExtract (pqOutputPort *)
 create an extract to view the output from the given port. More...
vtkSMLiveInsituLinkProxygetProxy () const

Static Public Member Functions

static pqServerdisplaySession (pqServer *catalystSession)
 Convenience method to return the displaySession for a catalystSession. More...

Protected Slots

void timestepsUpdated ()
void sourceRemoved (pqPipelineSource *)

Detailed Description

Manages the live-coprocessing link.

When pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager is instantiated, it creates a new dummy session that represents the catalyst pipeline. The proxy manager in this session reflects the state of the proxies on the coprocessing side. Next, it creates the (coprocessing, LiveInsituLink) proxy that sets up the server socket to accept connections from catalyst.

Definition at line 26 of file pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager()

pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager ( int  connection_port,
pqServer server 

◆ ~pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager()

pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::~pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ hasExtracts()

bool pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::hasExtracts ( pqOutputPort ) const

returns true of the port is extracted over to the visualization server.

◆ insituSession()

pqServer* pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::insituSession ( ) const

◆ displaySession() [1/2]

pqServer* pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::displaySession ( ) const

◆ addExtract()

bool pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::addExtract ( pqOutputPort )

create an extract to view the output from the given port.

pqOutputPort must be an instance on the dummy session corresponding to the catalyst pipeline.

◆ getProxy()

vtkSMLiveInsituLinkProxy* pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::getProxy ( ) const

◆ displaySession() [2/2]

static pqServer* pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::displaySession ( pqServer catalystSession)

Convenience method to return the displaySession for a catalystSession.

If the argument is not a catalystSession, it will simply return the same session without any errors.

◆ insituConnected

void pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::insituConnected ( )

◆ insituDisconnected

void pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::insituDisconnected ( )

◆ nextTimestepAvailable

void pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::nextTimestepAvailable ( )

◆ timestepsUpdated

void pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::timestepsUpdated ( )

◆ sourceRemoved

void pqLiveInsituVisualizationManager::sourceRemoved ( pqPipelineSource )

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