ParaView C++ API Documentation

Version: 5.12.0-776-gfc5a2391cc

This is doxygen generated documentation for the C++ API for developers of ParaView as well as those writing plugins and custom applications based on ParaView.


Page Description
Environment Variables Environment variables that affect application behavior.
Major API Changes Descriptions for major API changes.
Plugin Howto Tutorial on using and creating Plugins.
Proxy Hints And Annotations ServerManager XML hints for Proxies.
Property Hints ServerManager XML hints for Properties.
Proxy Documentation Formatting Formatting options for proxy documentation.
Community Atmosphere Model (CAM5) Catalyst Adaptor Analyze Cam5 output with ParaView Catalyst.
ParaView and Offscreen Rendering Configuring and using ParaView in offscreen and/or headless environments.
Anatomy of Catalyst Python Module (Version 2.0) Understanding Catalyst Python modules.
String Formatting Arguments String formatting arguments that are used for formatting formattable strings.
Localization Howto Description of the translation workflow and how comply to it.

ParaView Catalyst

These pages includes documentation for ParaView Catalyst library, the Catalyst API implementation introduced with ParaView 5.9.

Page Description
ParaView-Catalyst Design/Implementation details
ParaView-Catalyst Blueprint Blueprint for ParaView Catalyst

Design/Implementation Details

Page Description
Slice View Implementing the Slice View
String Encoding How to encode string when developing for ParaView

Developer notes

This file is available in the ParaView source repository as Utilities/Doxygen/pages/ All other pages to document the code are also available under that directory. As new pages are added, please ensure that the Navigation table above it kept up-to-date to make it easier to navigate the documentation.