Proxy Documentation Formatting

This page describes formatting options for proxy documentation.

Formatting options are added for proxy documentation

Documentation for proxies (and for input properties for proxies) accepts reStructured text(RST) formatting options. Supported options are: bold (use **bold**), italic (use *italic*), unordered lists, and paragraphs (use an empty line). Unordered list are formatted like in the following example, with an empty line before and after the list.

- first item
- second item

Nested lists are not supported. Note that the text enclosed between Documentation tags has to be aligned at column 0, (space is significant in RST documents) and that we do not accept empty lines between items in an unordered list. Formatted output will be displayed in ParaView online help, ParaView Python documentation, and tooltips displayed in ParaView client. See the Calculator and Glyph filters for examples on how to format other filters.