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pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType Class Reference

pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType is adaptor for the "Type" property of the vtkSMCompositeKeyFrameProxy. More...

#include <pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType.h>

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Public Member Functions

 pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType (pqKeyFrameTypeWidget *widget, pqPropertyLinks *links, QLabel *valueLabel=nullptr)
 Constructor. More...
 ~pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType () override
void setKeyFrameProxy (vtkSMProxy *keyframe)
 keyframe is the proxy for the key frame. More...
vtkSMProxygetKeyFrameProxy () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from pqSignalAdaptorComboBox
 pqSignalAdaptorComboBox (QComboBox *p)
 constructor requires a QComboBox More...
QString currentText () const
 get the current text of a combo box More...
int currentIndex () const
 get the current index of a combo box. More...
QVariant currentData () const
 get the user data associated with the current index. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from pqSignalAdaptorComboBox
void setCurrentText (const QString &)
 set the current text of a combo box (actually sets the index for the text) More...
void setCurrentIndex (int index)
 set the current index of a combox box. More...
void setCurrentData (const QVariant &data)
 set the current index to the index with user data as the argument. More...
- Signals inherited from pqSignalAdaptorComboBox
void currentTextChanged (const QString &)
 signal text changed in a combo box More...
void currentIndexChanged (int)
- Properties inherited from pqSignalAdaptorComboBox
QString currentText
int currentIndex
QVariant currentData

Detailed Description

pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType is adaptor for the "Type" property of the vtkSMCompositeKeyFrameProxy.

For certain types of keyframes, we have additional properties that must be exposed in the GUI, this class manages that. Use this to connect a QComboBox with type listing to the Type property on the proxy.

Definition at line 51 of file pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType()

pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType::pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType ( pqKeyFrameTypeWidget widget,
pqPropertyLinks links,
QLabel *  valueLabel = nullptr 


combo is the combo-box that chooses the type, while frame is the frame in which this adaptor can put additional widgets, if needed. valueLabel is the label that is used for the keyframe value, since based on the type the value label may change. Note that this class will toggle the visibility of this frame as needed.

◆ ~pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType()

pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType::~pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ setKeyFrameProxy()

void pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType::setKeyFrameProxy ( vtkSMProxy keyframe)

keyframe is the proxy for the key frame.

It typically is a vtkSMCompositeKeyFrameProxy or subclass. This is needed to setup the links with the other properties.

◆ getKeyFrameProxy()

vtkSMProxy* pqSignalAdaptorKeyFrameType::getKeyFrameProxy ( ) const

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