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pqTimeInspectorWidget Class Reference

pqTimeInspectorWidget is a widget that allows the user to look at all sources that provide time. More...

#include <pqTimeInspectorWidget.h>

Inherits QWidget.

Public Slots

void setServer (pqServer *server)
 set the active server. More...
void setSceneCurrentTime (double)
 set the current time for the scene. More...
void setAnimationScene (pqAnimationScene *scene)


void dummySignal ()
void suppressedTimeSourcesChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 pqTimeInspectorWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 ~pqTimeInspectorWidget () override
pqServerserver () const
 access the server being reflected on the widget. More...
double sceneStartTime () const
 Get/set the start time for the scene. More...
void setSceneStartTime (double)
double sceneEndTime () const
 Get/Set the end time for the scene. More...
void setSceneEndTime (double)
QString scenePlayMode () const
 Get/set the play-mode. More...
void setScenePlayMode (const QString &)
QList< QVariant > sceneTimeSteps () const
 Get/Set the timesteps in the scene. More...
void setSceneTimeSteps (const QList< QVariant > &val)
int sceneNumberOfFrames () const
 Get/Set the number of frames. More...
void setSceneNumberOfFrames (int val)
QList< QVariant > timeSources () const
 Get/Set the proxies that are registered with the TimeKeeper as the time sources. More...
void setTimeSources (const QList< QVariant > &proxies)
QList< QVariant > suppressedTimeSources () const
 Get/Set the list of proxies which are to be marked as "suppressed" i.e. More...
void setSuppressedTimeSources (const QList< QVariant > &proxies)

Protected Slots

void updateSceneTime ()
 called when scene time changes More...


double sceneStartTime
double sceneEndTime
QString scenePlayMode
QList< QVariant > sceneTimeSteps
int sceneNumberOfFrames
QList< QVariant > timeSources
QList< QVariant > suppressedTimeSources

Detailed Description

pqTimeInspectorWidget is a widget that allows the user to look at all sources that provide time.

The animation timesteps as well as the timesteps provided by each of the sources can be seen in this widget. This widget allows the user to change 2 things: whether to suppress timesteps from a source, and the current time. Everything else is read-only.

The implementation relies on linking (using pqPropertyLinks) sm-properties on TimeKeeper and AnimationScene proxy for the active session to qt-properties on this widget.

To use this widget since set the animation scene using setAnimationScene(). The widget takes care of the rest. One typically never needs to use any of the other public API which is internally "linked" to the properties on the animation scene proxy.

Definition at line 38 of file pqTimeInspectorWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ pqTimeInspectorWidget()

pqTimeInspectorWidget::pqTimeInspectorWidget ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

◆ ~pqTimeInspectorWidget()

pqTimeInspectorWidget::~pqTimeInspectorWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ server()

pqServer* pqTimeInspectorWidget::server ( ) const

access the server being reflected on the widget.

◆ sceneStartTime()

double pqTimeInspectorWidget::sceneStartTime ( ) const

Get/set the start time for the scene.

◆ setSceneStartTime()

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setSceneStartTime ( double  )

◆ sceneEndTime()

double pqTimeInspectorWidget::sceneEndTime ( ) const

Get/Set the end time for the scene.

◆ setSceneEndTime()

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setSceneEndTime ( double  )

◆ scenePlayMode()

QString pqTimeInspectorWidget::scenePlayMode ( ) const

Get/set the play-mode.

Used to control how the global ticks are shown and how the current time slider snaps on interaction.

◆ setScenePlayMode()

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setScenePlayMode ( const QString &  )

◆ sceneTimeSteps()

QList<QVariant> pqTimeInspectorWidget::sceneTimeSteps ( ) const

Get/Set the timesteps in the scene.

This is timesteps known to the active sessions TimeKeeper proxy.

◆ setSceneTimeSteps()

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setSceneTimeSteps ( const QList< QVariant > &  val)

◆ sceneNumberOfFrames()

int pqTimeInspectorWidget::sceneNumberOfFrames ( ) const

Get/Set the number of frames.

This is used when the playmode is set to sequence.

◆ setSceneNumberOfFrames()

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setSceneNumberOfFrames ( int  val)

◆ timeSources()

QList<QVariant> pqTimeInspectorWidget::timeSources ( ) const

Get/Set the proxies that are registered with the TimeKeeper as the time sources.

Not all proxies in this list may have time. Hence, setTimeSources() needs to cull the list appropriately.

◆ setTimeSources()

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setTimeSources ( const QList< QVariant > &  proxies)

◆ suppressedTimeSources()

QList<QVariant> pqTimeInspectorWidget::suppressedTimeSources ( ) const

Get/Set the list of proxies which are to be marked as "suppressed" i.e.

their timesteps are ignored by the animation playback.

◆ setSuppressedTimeSources()

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setSuppressedTimeSources ( const QList< QVariant > &  proxies)

◆ setServer

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setServer ( pqServer server)

set the active server.

◆ setSceneCurrentTime

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setSceneCurrentTime ( double  )

set the current time for the scene.

◆ setAnimationScene

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::setAnimationScene ( pqAnimationScene scene)

◆ updateSceneTime

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::updateSceneTime ( )

called when scene time changes

◆ dummySignal

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::dummySignal ( )

◆ suppressedTimeSourcesChanged

void pqTimeInspectorWidget::suppressedTimeSourcesChanged ( )

Property Documentation

◆ sceneStartTime

double pqTimeInspectorWidget::sceneStartTime

Definition at line 43 of file pqTimeInspectorWidget.h.

◆ sceneEndTime

double pqTimeInspectorWidget::sceneEndTime

Definition at line 44 of file pqTimeInspectorWidget.h.

◆ scenePlayMode

QString pqTimeInspectorWidget::scenePlayMode

Definition at line 45 of file pqTimeInspectorWidget.h.

◆ sceneTimeSteps

QList<QVariant> pqTimeInspectorWidget::sceneTimeSteps

Definition at line 46 of file pqTimeInspectorWidget.h.

◆ sceneNumberOfFrames

int pqTimeInspectorWidget::sceneNumberOfFrames

Definition at line 47 of file pqTimeInspectorWidget.h.

◆ timeSources

QList<QVariant> pqTimeInspectorWidget::timeSources

Definition at line 48 of file pqTimeInspectorWidget.h.

◆ suppressedTimeSources

QList<QVariant> pqTimeInspectorWidget::suppressedTimeSources

Definition at line 50 of file pqTimeInspectorWidget.h.

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