algorithms.openpmd Module


VTK meshes are in order FortranArray[x,y,z]. openPMD supports labeling nD arrays.

class paraview.algorithms.openpmd.openPMDReader[source]

Bases: vtkmodules.util.vtkAlgorithm.VTKPythonAlgorithmBase

A reader that reads openPMD format.

openPMD is a meta-data format implemented in ADIOS1/2, HDF5, JSON and other hierarchical data formats. References: - -

This class implements … TODO … VTKPythonAlgorithmBase

In detail, we implement openPMD reading via the openPMD-api Python bindings. References: - -

FillOutputPortInformation(port, info)[source]

Tells the pipeline which kind of data this source produces

Declares two DATA_TYPE_NAME outputs: - vtkPartitionedDataSet: openPMD meshes - vtkPartitionedDataSetCollection: openPMD particle species

port: Int

Output indices: 0 for meshes, 1 for particle species

info: vtkInformation

Gets updated to set two output types (DATA_TYPE_NAME).


Which selected mesh arrays can be loaded.

See vtkDataArraySelection for API.


Which selected particle arrays can be loaded.

See vtkDataArraySelection for API.


Which selected particle species can be loaded.


Which physical time step values (as float) are available?

Required by the UI: populates available time steps.

RequestData(request, inInfoVec, outInfoVec)[source]

Overwritten by subclass to execute the algorithm.

RequestInformation(request, inInfoVec, outInfoVec)[source]

This is where we produce meta-data for the data pipeline.

The meta-data we produce: - time information - mesh names - species names - particle array names per species


Not used.


Not used.

outInfoVec: list of vtkInformation

One per output port because they can have different meta-data. We populate this object.


Specify filename for the file to read.

Path to “.pmd” one-line text file that holds the file name pattern for _series open opening pattern. Reference on syntax in the file: - - -