benchmark.logparser Module

class paraview.benchmark.logparser.BasicStats(samples=[])[source]

Bases: object

property Mean
property StdDev
class paraview.benchmark.logparser.FrameLog(parent=None, indent=0)[source]

Bases: object

Hold the log entries for an entire (sub-)frame

class paraview.benchmark.logparser.FrameLogEntry(log_msg)[source]

Bases: object

A basic container for holding timing information for a given filter

re = <module 're' from '/usr/lib64/python3.10/'>
paraview.benchmark.logparser.collect_stats(frame_logs, stat_summary='Mean')[source]

Collect statistics on the specified key in a set of logs


Collect and parse logs for all ranks

Keyword arguments: merge_before_nframes – All entries before this many frames will be merged


Calculate stats across all ranks for each frame

paraview.benchmark.logparser.summarize_results(num_frames, num_seconds_m0, items_per_frame, item_label, save_logs=False, output_basename=None)[source]

Process the timing logs to display, save, and gather stats

Keyword arguments: num_frames – Number of frames to process num_seconds_m0 – Total number of seconds, excluding the first frame items_per_frame – Number of items per frame getting processed item_label – Output label for associated items_per_frame save_logs – Whether or not to write the logs to a file output_basename – Basename to use for output files


Summarize statistics across ranks, and then across frames

paraview.benchmark.logparser.write_stats_to_file(stats, indent=0, outfile=<vtkPythonStdStreamCaptureHelper object>)[source]

Print the statics for a given frame