detail.exportnow Module

This module is used to export catalyst defined data products directly within the ParaView GUI.

class paraview.detail.exportnow.CinemaDHelper(mcd, rd)[source]

Bases: object

A helper that we funnel file save commands through so that we can build up a CinemaD table for them.

AppendCViewToCinemaDTable(time, producer, filelist)[source]

keep a record of every new file that cinema image writes along with the keys that produced them so that we can list them all later

AppendToCinemaDTable(time, producer, filename)[source]

keep a record of every standard file written out so that we can list it later


Finish off the table and write it to a file


For Catalyst, we don’t generally have a Final state, so we call this every CoProcess call and fixup the table if we have to.

paraview.detail.exportnow.ExportNow(image_root_directory, data_root_directory, file_name_padding, make_cinema_table, cinema_tracks, cinema_arrays, rendering_info)[source]

The user facing entry point. Here we get a hold of ParaView’s animation controls, step through the animation, and export the things we’ve been asked to be the caller.