paraview.simple.SelectionSourceBase(*input, **params)

Internal proxy used to define the common API for Selection Source proxies. Do not use.

Data Descriptors


When field type is POINT, this controls whether single vertex cells will be produced for each selected point, or whether the cells that contain each selected point will be produced. When field type is CELL this has no effect.


The location of the array the selection came from (e.g. point, cell).


When this property is false the selection describes everything that should be extracted. When this is true the selection describes everything that should NOT be extracted.


Specify the number of layers of connected elements to include in the selection.


When using NumberOfLayers, this controls if intermediate layers are removes or not. Default is false.


When using NumberOfLayers, this controls if the initial seed selection is remove or not. Default is false.

Data Descriptors inherited from Proxy


dictionary for instance variables (if defined)


list of weak references to the object (if defined)


Initialize = aInitialize(self, connection=None, update=True)

Methods inherited from Proxy

GetProperty(self, name)

Given a property name, returns the property object.

GetPropertyValue(self, name)

Returns a scalar for properties with 1 elements, the property itself for vectors.

InitializeFromProxy(self, aProxy, update=True)

Constructor. Assigns proxy to self.SMProxy, updates the server object as well as register the proxy in _pyproxies dictionary.


Returns a list of all property names on this proxy.

SetPropertyWithName(self, pname, arg)

Generic method for setting the value of a property.


Destructor. Cleans up all observers as well as remove the proxy from the _pyproxies dictionary

__eq__(self, other)

Returns true if the underlying SMProxies are the same.

__getattr__(self, name)

With the exception of a few overloaded methods, returns the SMProxy method


Return hash(self).

__init__(self, **args)

Default constructor. It can be used to initialize properties by passing keyword arguments where the key is the name of the property. In addition registrationGroup and registrationName (optional) can be specified (as keyword arguments) to automatically register the proxy with the proxy manager.


Creates an iterator for the properties.

__ne__(self, other)

Returns false if the underlying SMProxies are the same.

__setattr__(self, name, value)

Implement setattr(self, name, value).

add_attribute(self, name, value)

For the full list of servermanager proxies, please refer to Available readers, sources, writers, filters and animation cues