Supported file formats

ParaView Glance comes loaded with ITK.js image data readers as well as VTK.js image and geometry readers. When used online, depending on the file that gets loaded, if it is a format provided by ITK, the appropriate reader module will be downloaded and cached locally for any subsequent usage. But because of that dynamic mechanism, the readers provided by ITK are not yet available with the standalone single file HTML version that you can run from your desktop.

The following set of tables list the supported format and which library is defining the reader.


Extension Description Format specificity
*.glance Glance Scene Binary encoding of a scene for Glance.
*.obz Zip of OBJ/MTL/Images Gathering of OBJ/MTL files along with their image texture files.
*.zip Zip of various files Bundle of files to load inside that are contains in a zip file.


Extension Description Format specificity
*.vtp VTK Polydata ASCII or binary or appended with or without compression (ZLib only)
*.vti VTK ImageData ASCII or binary or appended with or without compression (ZLib only)
*.stl Stereol lithography ASCII or binary
*.obj Wavefront Geometry without the material file.
*.pdb Protein Data Bank Molecule representation
*.glyph Custom/Internal Custom format to define vtk.js source setting and Glyph positioning
*.skybox Custom/Internal Zip bundle of a set of textures for an infinit cube box


The only structure that currently can be loaded by ITK.js are vtkImageData.
This means that the Legacy VTK (*.vtk) format won’t work for vtkPolyData, vtkUnstructuredGrid…

Extension Module
*.bmp itkBMPImage
*.dcm itkDCMTKImage
*.gipl, gipl.gz itkGiplImage
*.hdf5 itkHDF5Image
*.jpg, *.jpeg itkJPEGImage
*.json itkJSONImage
*.lsm itkLSMImage
*.mnc, .mnc.gz,.mnc2 itkMINCImage
*.mgh, *.mgz, *.mgh.gz itkMGHImage
*.mha, *.mhd itkMetaImage
*.mrc itkMRCImage
*.nia, *.nii, *.hdr, *.nii.gz itkNiftiImage
*.nrrd, *.nhdr itkNrrdImage
*.png itkPNGImage
*.pic itkBioRadImage
*.tif, *.tiff itkTIFFImage
*.vtk itkVTKImage