CTHAdaptor.h File Reference
#include "vtkPVAdaptorsCTHModule.h"
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void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT handler (int sig)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_qa (char *qadate, char *qatime, char *qajobn)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_fil (char *filename, int len, char *runid, int *error)
int VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_vizcheck (int cycle, double ptime)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_viz (int cycle, double ptime, double pdt, int, int)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_stm (int igm, int n_blocks, int nmat, int max_mat, int NCFieldNames, int NMFieldNames, double *x0, double *x1, int max_level)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_scf (int field_id, char *field_name, char *comment, int matid)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_smf (int field_id, char *field_name, char *comment)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_scx (int block_id, int field_id, int k, int j, double *istrip)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_smx (int block_id, int field_id, int mat, int k, int j, double *istrip)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_stb (int block_id, int Nx, int Ny, int Nz, double *x, double *y, double *z, int allocated, int active, int level)
void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_sta (int block_id, int allocated, int active, int level, int max_level, int bxbot, int bxtop, int bybot, int bytop, int bzbot, int bztop, int npxma11, int npxma21, int npxma12, int npxma22, int npyma11, int npyma21, int npyma12, int npyma22, int npzma11, int npzma21, int npzma12, int npzma22, int npxpa11, int npxpa21, int npxpa12, int npxpa22, int npypa11, int npypa21, int npypa12, int npypa22, int npzpa11, int npzpa21, int npzpa12, int npzpa22, int nbxma11, int nbxma21, int nbxma12, int nbxma22, int nbyma11, int nbyma21, int nbyma12, int nbyma22, int nbzma11, int nbzma21, int nbzma12, int nbzma22, int nbxpa11, int nbxpa21, int nbxpa12, int nbxpa22, int nbypa11, int nbypa21, int nbypa12, int nbypa22, int nbzpa11, int nbzpa21, int nbzpa12, int nbzpa22)
void pvspy_trc (int num, double *xt, double *yt, double *zt, int *id, int *lt, int *it, int *jt, int *kt)

Function Documentation

◆ handler()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT handler ( int  sig)

◆ pvspy_qa()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_qa ( char *  qadate,
char *  qatime,
char *  qajobn 


C functions prototyped in pvspy_public.h. called from within spy_fortran.c in cth

This function currently does not perform anything.

◆ pvspy_fil()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_fil ( char *  filename,
int  len,
char *  runid,
int error 

◆ pvspy_vizcheck()

int VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_vizcheck ( int  cycle,
double  ptime 

◆ pvspy_viz()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_viz ( int  cycle,
double  ptime,
double  pdt,
int  ,

◆ pvspy_fin()


◆ pvspy_stm()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_stm ( int  igm,
int  n_blocks,
int  nmat,
int  max_mat,
int  NCFieldNames,
int  NMFieldNames,
double x0,
double x1,
int  max_level 

◆ pvspy_scf()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_scf ( int  field_id,
char *  field_name,
char *  comment,
int  matid 

◆ pvspy_smf()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_smf ( int  field_id,
char *  field_name,
char *  comment 

◆ pvspy_scx()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_scx ( int  block_id,
int  field_id,
int  k,
int  j,
double istrip 

◆ pvspy_smx()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_smx ( int  block_id,
int  field_id,
int  mat,
int  k,
int  j,
double istrip 

◆ pvspy_stb()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_stb ( int  block_id,
int  Nx,
int  Ny,
int  Nz,
double x,
double y,
double z,
int  allocated,
int  active,
int  level 

◆ pvspy_sta()

void VTKPVADAPTORSCTH_EXPORT pvspy_sta ( int  block_id,
int  allocated,
int  active,
int  level,
int  max_level,
int  bxbot,
int  bxtop,
int  bybot,
int  bytop,
int  bzbot,
int  bztop,
int  npxma11,
int  npxma21,
int  npxma12,
int  npxma22,
int  npyma11,
int  npyma21,
int  npyma12,
int  npyma22,
int  npzma11,
int  npzma21,
int  npzma12,
int  npzma22,
int  npxpa11,
int  npxpa21,
int  npxpa12,
int  npxpa22,
int  npypa11,
int  npypa21,
int  npypa12,
int  npypa22,
int  npzpa11,
int  npzpa21,
int  npzpa12,
int  npzpa22,
int  nbxma11,
int  nbxma21,
int  nbxma12,
int  nbxma22,
int  nbyma11,
int  nbyma21,
int  nbyma12,
int  nbyma22,
int  nbzma11,
int  nbzma21,
int  nbzma12,
int  nbzma22,
int  nbxpa11,
int  nbxpa21,
int  nbxpa12,
int  nbxpa22,
int  nbypa11,
int  nbypa21,
int  nbypa12,
int  nbypa22,
int  nbzpa11,
int  nbzpa21,
int  nbzpa12,
int  nbzpa22 

◆ pvspy_trc()

void pvspy_trc ( int  num,
double xt,
double yt,
double zt,
int id,
int lt,
int it,
int jt,
int kt 
This function does not do anything