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pqProxySelectionUtilities Class Reference

#include <pqProxySelection.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool copy (vtkSMProxySelectionModel *source, pqProxySelection &dest)
 copy values from vtkSMProxySelectionModel. More...
static bool copy (const pqProxySelection &source, vtkSMProxySelectionModel *dest)
 copy values to vtkSMProxySelectionModel. More...
static pqProxySelection getPipelineProxies (const pqProxySelection &sel)
 Selections can contains pqOutputPort, pqPipelineSource, or pqExtractor instances. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file pqProxySelection.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ copy() [1/2]

static bool pqProxySelectionUtilities::copy ( vtkSMProxySelectionModel source,
pqProxySelection dest 

copy values from vtkSMProxySelectionModel.

All proxies in the vtkSMProxySelectionModel must be known to pqServerManagerModel otherwise it will be ignored. Returns true, if the selection was changed, otherwise returns false.

◆ copy() [2/2]

static bool pqProxySelectionUtilities::copy ( const pqProxySelection source,
vtkSMProxySelectionModel dest 

copy values to vtkSMProxySelectionModel.

Clears any existing selection.

◆ getPipelineProxies()

static pqProxySelection pqProxySelectionUtilities::getPipelineProxies ( const pqProxySelection sel)

Selections can contains pqOutputPort, pqPipelineSource, or pqExtractor instances.

Use this method to filter out all pqOutputPort and replace them with corresponding pqPipelineSource instances.

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