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vtkSpyPlotReaderMap Class Reference

Maps strings to vtkSpyPlotUniReaders. More...

#include <vtkSpyPlotReaderMap.h>

Public Types

typedef std::map< std::string, vtkSpyPlotUniReader * > MapOfStringToSPCTH
typedef std::vector< std::stringVectorOfStrings

Public Member Functions

bool Initialize (const char *filename)
void Clean (vtkSpyPlotUniReader *save)
vtkSpyPlotUniReaderGetReader (MapOfStringToSPCTH::iterator &it, vtkSpyPlotReader *parent)
void TellReadersToCheck (vtkSpyPlotReader *parent)
bool Save (vtkMultiProcessStream &stream)
bool Load (vtkMultiProcessStream &stream)

Public Attributes

MapOfStringToSPCTH Files

Detailed Description

Maps strings to vtkSpyPlotUniReaders.

Extracted from vtkSpyPlotReader


Definition at line 26 of file vtkSpyPlotReaderMap.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ MapOfStringToSPCTH

Definition at line 29 of file vtkSpyPlotReaderMap.h.

◆ VectorOfStrings

Definition at line 30 of file vtkSpyPlotReaderMap.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Initialize()

bool vtkSpyPlotReaderMap::Initialize ( const char *  filename)

◆ Clean()

void vtkSpyPlotReaderMap::Clean ( vtkSpyPlotUniReader save)

◆ GetReader()

vtkSpyPlotUniReader* vtkSpyPlotReaderMap::GetReader ( MapOfStringToSPCTH::iterator &  it,
vtkSpyPlotReader parent 

◆ TellReadersToCheck()

void vtkSpyPlotReaderMap::TellReadersToCheck ( vtkSpyPlotReader parent)

◆ Save()

bool vtkSpyPlotReaderMap::Save ( vtkMultiProcessStream stream)

◆ Load()

bool vtkSpyPlotReaderMap::Load ( vtkMultiProcessStream stream)

Member Data Documentation

◆ Files

MapOfStringToSPCTH vtkSpyPlotReaderMap::Files

Definition at line 31 of file vtkSpyPlotReaderMap.h.

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