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pqSampleScalarWidget Class Reference

#include <pqSampleScalarWidget.h>

Inherits QWidget.


void samplesChanged ()
 Signal emitted whenever the set of samples changes. More...

Public Member Functions

 pqSampleScalarWidget (bool preserve_order, QWidget *Parent=0)
 ~pqSampleScalarWidget () override
void setDataSources (pqSMProxy controlled_proxy, vtkSMDoubleVectorProperty *sample_property, vtkSMProperty *range_property=0)
 Sets the server manager objects that will be controlled by the widget. More...
void accept ()
 Accept pending changes. More...
void reset ()
 Reset pending changes. More...
QList< QVariant > samples ()
void setSamples (QList< QVariant > samples)


QVariantList samples

Detailed Description

in ParaView 5.8.

This class is left over from old properties panel.

Provides a standard user interface component for manipulating a list of scalar samples. Current uses include: specifying the set of "slices" for the Cut filter, and specifying the set of contour values for the Contour filter.

Definition at line 61 of file pqSampleScalarWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ pqSampleScalarWidget()

pqSampleScalarWidget::pqSampleScalarWidget ( bool  preserve_order,
QWidget *  Parent = 0 

◆ ~pqSampleScalarWidget()

pqSampleScalarWidget::~pqSampleScalarWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ setDataSources()

void pqSampleScalarWidget::setDataSources ( pqSMProxy  controlled_proxy,
vtkSMDoubleVectorProperty sample_property,
vtkSMProperty range_property = 0 

Sets the server manager objects that will be controlled by the widget.

◆ accept()

void pqSampleScalarWidget::accept ( )

Accept pending changes.

◆ reset()

void pqSampleScalarWidget::reset ( )

Reset pending changes.

◆ samples()

QList<QVariant> pqSampleScalarWidget::samples ( )

◆ setSamples()

void pqSampleScalarWidget::setSamples ( QList< QVariant >  samples)

◆ samplesChanged

void pqSampleScalarWidget::samplesChanged ( )

Signal emitted whenever the set of samples changes.

Property Documentation

◆ samples

QVariantList pqSampleScalarWidget::samples

Definition at line 66 of file pqSampleScalarWidget.h.

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