simple, powerful, innovative
trame - a web framework that weaves together open source components into customized visual analytics easily.

trame /træm/ is 🇫🇷 for

  • the core that ties things together
  • a guide providing the essence of a task
  • simple to install

    With trame, create stunning, interactive web applications compactly and intuitively.

    3D Visualization

    With best-in-class VTK and ParaView platforms at its core, trame provides complete control of 3D visualizations and data movements.
    Developers benefit from a write-once environment while trame simply exposes both local and remote rendering through a single method.

    Rich Features

    trame leverages existing libraries and tools such as Vuetify, Altair, Vega,, VTK, ParaView, and more, to create vivid content for visual analytics applications.

    Problem Focused

    By relying simply on Python and HTML, trame focuses on one's data and associated analysis and visualizations while hiding the complications of web development.

    Desktop to cloud

    The resulting trame applications act as local desktop applications or remote cloud applications both accessed through the browser.


    more to come...

    Examples Gallery

    • All open

      trame is an open source project under the BSD-3 license which allows one to create open source or commercial applications without any licensing worries.

    • Support and Services

      Kitware can help with getting started, creating custom components or even a full application. Our team is here to help.  Please contact us