Version Compatibility

ParaViewWeb Visualizer depends on ParaView, which can be downloaded here.
The table below indicates which versions of ParaView and Visualizer work together.

ParaView Visualizer in PV binary Visualizer
5.2 2.0.16 <= 2.0.17
5.3 2.0.18 broken on Linux, otherwise <= 2.0.20
5.4 2.1.4 <= 2.2.0
5.5.2 3.1.4 (Issue - see below) <= 3.1.4
5.6 3.1.10 <= master
master 3.1.10 <= master

ParaView 5.5.2 - Bundle issue

The version of Visualizer inside ParaView 5.5.2 is not compatible. Please follow the below instructions to make the client compatible with the core of ParaView.

For that you will need to edit the following file.


Replace Line 195

self.registerVtkWebProtocol(pv_protocols.ParaViewWebColorManager(pathToColorMaps=_VisualizerServer.colorPalette, showBuiltin=_VisualizerServer.showBuiltin))



Basically the extra showBuiltin argument needs to be removed as the server does not know how to handle it yet. (ParaView/master does)

How to upgrade an existing ParaView

This section provide an alternative approach which could allow you to use an existing working ParaView installation and upgrade it to leverage the newest capability of ParaViewWeb/Visualizer.

To do that, you will need to replace a set of Python files (which you should keep as backup if any issue arise).

On a side you should download the following set of files from Gitlab or Github.

Usually only is required but sometime we do update as well. In any case, if you want to be safe you can replace the full content of that directory.

And those new files should be placed in the following directory depending on which platform you are doing the modifications.