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2022 January 24

Additional flights recorded

payload on drone base station payload flying

2021 November 4

Additional flights recorded

on screen image view with real time segmentation

2021 September 6-9

See our page on our data collection in Fairbanks Alaska.

2021 August 27

Payload testing on an UAS

payload image payload image payload image payload image payload image

2021 August 11

Building the payload with all components in house payload image 5 payload image 6 payload image 1 payload image 2 payload image 3 payload image 4

2021 July

The carbon fiber frame for the payload supports the 155mm standard rail for easy interfacing:

cb frame 1 cb frame 2 Above: Images of the assembled carbon fiber frame

2021 June

Testing with a handheld version of the payload (not meant for flying)

handheld testing version

3D printed frame for fit testing

3D printed payload frame


Initial design concept for the payload:

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Above: Images of the design concept