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Setting up the PTP server

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Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is used to synchronise clocks throughout a network. The ADAPT payload uses this technology because it can achieve accuracy at the sub-microsecond range. The cameras in use on the ADAPT payload accept PTP (IEEE 1588) packets to ensure the images have extremely accurate time stamps.

configure ptp4l

sudo systemctl stop ptp4l
sudo nano /etc/linuxptp/ptp4l.conf
# add/edit the lines below
tx_timestamp_timeout    10
Start ptp4l and review status
sudo systemctl start ptp4l
sudo systemctl status ptp4l

We would expect to see something similar to the output shown below:

ptp4l[1642.768]: port 1: INITIALIZING to LISTENING on INITIALIZE
ptp4l[1642.768]: port 0: INITIALIZING to LISTENING on INITIALIZE
ptp4l[1642.769]: port 1: link up
ptp4l[1648.777]: selected best master clock 48b02d.fffe.3a7004
ptp4l[1648.777]: assuming the grand master role
Note: the "assuming grand master role" line. This means we will be serving the time to the clients on the network.

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