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Configuring automatic startup

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The installation of the ADAPT ROS Workspace contains a folder with example configuration files. Among those are some systemd service files. NOTE: you may want to edit the paths inside the two files shown below to match where your 'adapt_ros_ws' files are located.

To install the systemd service files, follow these commands:

cd adapt_ros_ws/example_config/
sudo cp adapt_ptp_stack.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo cp ros_stack.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Now, when you reboot the two services should be running automatically. You can check on the status with these commands:

sudo systemctl status adapt_ptp_stack
sudo systemctl status ros_stack

In addition, you can connect to the services with tmux and observe/change any operations with these commands:

sudo tmux a -t adapt_live
sudo tmux a -t adapt_ptp

In the tmux window you can use these key cominations to move between windows, etc.:

# move to the next window:
# ctr-b n

# move to the previous window:
# ctrl-b p

# detach from session
# ctrl-b d

Optional items: configure network addresses for ethernet devices

For the standard ADAPT software we are assuming the camera is on this network:

and the Wireless communications are on this network

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