Command Line Interface

ITK/VTK Viewer can be used as a command line tool for opening and visualizing your local data file.


First, install Node.js, if not already installed. After Node.js is installed, the node and npm executables should be in your PATH.

$ npm install itk-vtk-viewer -g

This command will install the application globally, which will provide a new command line executable, itk-vtk-viewer:

$ itk-vtk-viewer

Usage: itk-vtk-viewer [options] ] [inputFile]


-V, --version output the version number
-p, --port [3000] Start web server with given port (default: 3000)
-s, --server-only Do not open the web browser

-h, --help output usage information

Quick start

To visualize an image, pass the path to the file to visualize. By default, a new tab will open in your browser with your visualization.

$ itk-vtk-viewer ./MRHead.nrrd

=> Serving .

Drag and drop viewer

Instead of specifying files via the command line,

  1. drag and drop,
  2. click on the viewer page, or
  3. press the Enter key

after starting the executable without positional arguments:

$ itk-vtk-viewer