Keyboard Shortcuts and Controls

The viewer supports mouse-based controls, touchscreen interaction, and
keyboard shortcuts. To use the keyboard shortcuts when the viewer is embedded,
the mouse must be over the viewer.

Key Action
1 X-plane mode
2 Y-plane mode
3 Z-plane mode
4 Volume rendering mode
q Toggle user interface
w Toggle region of interest (ROI) selection widget
e Reset ROI
r Reset camera
p Toggle spinning
s Toggle slicing planes in volume rendering mode
f Toggle fullscreen
Mouse Action
Left click + drag Rotate
Right click + drag or shift + left click + drag Pan
Mouse wheel or control + left click + drag or pinch Zoom
Alt + left click + drag left-right Change color transfer function level
Alt + left click + drag top-bottom Change color transfer function window
Alt + right click + drag top-bottom Change primary volume opacity transfer function magnitude