Progressive Web App

The default ITK/VTK Viewer page lets you drag and drop or select a data file from your local filesystem to visualize. Once you have loaded data with this progressive web app, the app will also work offline.

Additionally, visualization links for data files available on the web can be created by providing extra arguments to the app URL. The resulting link can be quickly shared to distribute interative visualizations for your data.

For example,

The extra argument, ?fileToLoad=[...], uses a full http:// url to the data file.


An additional parameter can be added to force the slice viewing mode. Just add ?use2D or ?fileToLoad=[..]&use2D inside the URL.


Compare Images URL Parameters

To compare 2 images use these parameters:

image: full http:// url to a data file

fixedImage: full http:// url to a data file

compare: sets the compare “method”. Could be blend, green-magenta, cyan-red, cyan-magenta or checkerboard

imageMix: 0 to 1 percent contribution the fixed vs moving image

checkerboard: true or false to force checkerboard for other methods like blend or cyan-magenta

pattern: Checkerboard pattern as array with length matching the number of dimension in the images. Example: pattern=[1,3,4]

swapImageOrder: true or false which toggles the checkerboard pattern.


More information under setCompareImages on the API docs.