ParaViewWeb Source Configure and Build


This document describes the process of configuring and building ParaView from source.
Useful information can always be found on the ParaView homepage.

Required Tools

The CMake cross-platform, open-source build system.

CMake binaries and source code are available here: CMake Releases.
Many Linux style distributions include CMake in their package management systems.


The ParaView source code is hosted in a git repository. It can also be obtained in archived format. If you intend to edit the source code and submit patches/features, you will need git.


Git is usually available through the package management systems. You can also build from the source code found Here.


Install msysgit

Obtaining source code

Zip/Tar file

ParaView Source Code

With Git

Further information is provided at the ParaView/Git Wiki.

##Configure with CMake

Create a build directory - The preferred structure when building ParaView is to separate your source code from your build directory.

####Linux users:

  1. In a terminal cd to your build_dir.
  2. Run ccmake path/to/source-code that opens a curses dialog
  3. Press ‘c’ to configure. Configuration needs to occur until issues are resolved and CMake presents the option to generate ‘g’.

####Windows users:

  1. Open cmake-gui.
  2. Select your compiler.
  3. Fill in the path to your source code and build directories in the appropriate boxes.
  4. Click the configure button. Configuration needs to occur until issues are resolved and CMake presents the generate button.

From this point forward, the process between Linux and Windows is basically the same. The following options provide minor deviations from the default configuration and are sufficient to build ParaView for the web.

CMake option Recommended value Comment
BUILD_TESTING OFF While the testing code is very useful, it can take a long time to compile. Users looking for a shorter build time can disable the testing code by setting this option to OFF.
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Release Options include Debug, Release and RelWithDebInfo.
PARAVIEW_BUILD_QT_GUI OFF Used to build the Qt user interface. Web developers can safely set this option to OFF. Setting to ON will require a build of Qt 4.8, which is out of the scope of this document.
PARAVIEW_ENABLE_PYTHON ON Builds ParaView’s python bindings. You will need python 2.7 binaries and header files (devel packages )installed for this option.
PARAVIEW_BUILD_WEB_DOCUMENTATION ON (Advanced) To build ParaView’s Web Documentation. Requires jsduck.
PLUGIN_* OFF Turn off plugins - If not required, it can be helpful to turn off plugins you do not need.

CMake Configure
Build using your compiler.