We welcome your contribution to the development of ParaViewWeb. This document will help you through the process.

Before You Start

Please follow the coding style:


  1. Fork kitware/paraviewweb.
  2. Clone the repository to your computer and install dependencies.
$ git clone<username>/paraviewweb.git
$ cd paraviewweb
$ npm install
  1. Create a feature branch.
$ git checkout -b new_feature
  1. Start hacking.
  2. Test examples.
$ npm run doc:www
  1. Use Commitizen for your commit message.
$ npm run commit
  1. Push the branch.
$ git push --set-upstream origin new_feature
  1. Create a pull request and describe the change.


  • Don’t modify version number in package.json. It is changed automatically.
  • Your pull request can only be merged when the tests have passed. Don’t forget to run tests before submission.
$ npm test

Testing Changes

Testing changes to UI components is done by running the documentation and examples locally
and viewing the results. To do that, run the following:

$ npm run doc:www

Then open a web browser to http://localhost:4000/paraviewweb to view
the documentation and examples based on the locally modified ParaViewWeb.

Updating Documentation

The ParaViewWeb documentation is part of the code repository.

Reporting Issues

If you encounter problems when using ParaViewWeb, you can look for the solutions in Troubleshooting or our Mailing list. If you can’t find the answer, please report an issue on GitHub. Thanks!