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Community Applications

Welcome to the communty page of trame applications. This page aims to showcase what people are doing with trame and maybe spark some collaboration. If you would like to see your application listed below, please submit a MR adding your project to that markdown.


SpinView is a general interactive visual analysis tool developed for multiscale computational magnetism that allow users with interdisciplinary backgrounds to simplified their own workflow, speeds up analysis of complex datasets and trajectories, and enables new types of analysis.


The key features are:

  • User friendly: Enjoy the combination of Command-line-interface, WebUI and DesktopUI
  • Post-processing: Denoising, Clip, Rescaling, try the visual exploration and data mining with SpinView!
  • Feature-rich 3D visualization: Visualize your simulation result with glyphs, e.g., sphere, cone, arrow, plane, box, and any 3D models generated by yourself. Overlap everything including reconstructed mesh and isosurface.
  • Extendable: Currently support .out (UppASD), Non-binary .ovf (Mumax3, OOMMF, Spirit), and .data (Vampire) output files and can easily extend to other magnetic simulation code.
  • Shareable: Take snapshoot, rendering a trajectory video, make a portable interactive HTML file with only one click!
  • Community support: Open-source (GPL V3) and free to use, based on Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Trame, and Pyvista.

AI/Medical application

MRI Viewer

MRI Viewer is a web application for analyzing and visualizing VTI files. The purpose of the application is to simplify scientific work with 4D flow MRI medical data. The tool is oriented especially towards researchers. It was created for the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague, Czech Republic.