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DIVE Documentation

This is the user documentation for DIVE, an open-source annotation and analysis platform which can be run either as a web or desktop application. DIVE was originally built for, and has deep integration with, the VIAME toolkit, but it can also be integrated with other automated analytics.

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Current capabilities of DIVE include:

  • User import of frame images or video.
  • Playback of existing annotation data.
  • Manual creation of new annotations.
  • Automatic object detection and tracking of user-imported data.
  • Manual user refinement of automatically generated tracks
  • Export of generated annotations.


  • DIVE is the annotator and data management software system. It is our name for the code and capabilities, including both web and desktop, that can be deployed and configured for a variety of needs.
  • VIAME (Video and Image Analytics for Marine Environments) is a suite of computer vision tools for object detection, tracking, rapid model generation, and many other types of analysis. Get more info at
  • VIAME Web is the specific DIVE Web deployment at It includes a web-based annotator with the capabilities to run VIAME workflows on user-provided data. You may deploy the web system into your own labratory or cloud environment.