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Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts

General Interactions

control description
Left Click select track/detection
Right Click toggle edit mode
Middle Click pan camera
Scroll Wheel zoom
Mouse Drag pan
Shift + mouse drag select area to zoom
Up select previous track in list
Down select next track in list
Esc unselect, exit edit mode
A toggle attribute / merge pane


control description
Left or D previous frame
Right or F next frame
Space play/pause


Most editing controls are available when a track or detection is selected.

control description
Del delete entire track or detection
N create new track or detection
Home go to first frame of selected track
End go to the last frame of selected track
1 Enter bounding-box edit mode on selection
2 Enter polygon edit mode on selection
3 Enter head/tail/line edit mode on selection
H or G while in line mode, place head point next
T or Y while in line mode, place tail point next
Esc unselect, exit edit mode, exit merge mode
K toggle keyframe for the current frame and selected track
I toggle interpolation for the current range of the selected track
M enter merge mode for on selection
Shift+M commit (finalize) merge for selected tracks.
G create new group including the selected track
Shift+Enter focus class select/text box on selected track in track list. Press Down to open all options. Pres Enter twice to accept an option. Press Esc to unfocus.

Adding new shortcuts

If you think a new shortcut or hotkey would be useful, please send us feedback.