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Navigation and Editing Bar

Navigation Bar Highlighted

The navigation bar is the row of controls at the very top of the window.

  • Data navigates to the folder that contains the current dataset.
  • Run Pipeline will launch a pipeline dropdown menu.
    • NOTE Current annotations will be replaced by the pipeline output when it is complete. You should not perform annotations while a pipeline is running.
  • Import allows the upload of several kinds of files
    • overwrite the current annotations with a .json or .csv annotation file.
    • overwrite the style and attribute configuration with a config .json file.
  • Download (Web) or Export (Desktop) allows for exporting all or part of the current dataset.
    • Exclude Tracks - this allows you to remove tracks below a specific confidence threshold when exporting the CSV. It is how you can export only the higher detections/tracks after running a pipeline.
    • Checked Types Only - allows you to only export the annotations of types that are currently checked in the type list.
    • Web-specific options are documented in the web download section
  • Clone is documented in the web clone section.
  • Help provides mouse/keyboard shortcuts as well as a link to this documentation.
  • is used to save outstanding annotation changes and any custom styles applied to the different types. Changes are not immediately committed and will instead update the save icon with a number badge indicating how many changes are outstanding. Clicking this button will commit your changes and reset the count to zero.

Editing Bar

The editing bar is the second row below navigation.

Editing Status Indicator

Editing Status Indicator

On the far left, the editing mode status indicator shows you what mode you're in, what input is expected, and usually reminds you to press Esc to cancel.

Edit Mode Toggles

Editing mode toggles control the type of geometry being created or edited during annotation. See the Annotation Quickstart for an in-depth guide to annotation.

Visibility Toggles

The visibility section contains toggle buttons that control the different types of annotation data can be hidden or shown.

  • toggles rectangle visibility
  • toggles polygon visibility
  • toggles head/tail line visibility
  • toggles annotation type & confidence text visibility
  • toggles a cursor hover tooltip, helpful for reviewing very dense scenes with lots of overlap.
  • toggles track trail visibility. The track trail is configurable to show up to 100 frames both ahead and behind each bounding box. The trail line is made of bounding box midpoints.