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User Interface Guide Introduction

This documentation section provides a reference guide to the annotation interface organized by screen region.

UI Full View Highlighted

  • Navigation and Editing Bar - Controls to return back to browser as well as perform higher level functions such as running pipelines. Save Button. Controls the viewing of annotations on screen and allows for the editing/creation of annotations.
  • Annotation View - where the image/video is displayed as well as all annotations
  • Type List - A list of all the types of tracks/detections on the page that can be used to filter the current view.
  • Track List - List of all the tracks as well as providing a way to perform editing functions on those tracks.
  • Timeline - timeline view of tracks and detections, as well as an interface to control the current frame along the video/image-sequence
  • Attributes - Attributes panel used to assign attributes to individual tracks or detections.
  • Context Sidebar - The right sidebar has several different view modes for different types of tasks.
    • Threshold Controls - Advance thresholding of annotation confidence values per-type.
    • Image Enhancement - Adjust the image threshold range.
    • Group Manager - Controls for creating, managing, and filtering multi-annotation groups.
    • Attributes Details Panel - Attributes panel used to filter or generate graphs of attributes.