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Track List

Track List Highlighted

Track List Controls

Track List

The track list allows for selecting and editing tracks. A selected track will look different depending on whether it's a single detection or a multi-frame track.

  • opens track creation settings
  • deletes all tracks in the track list
  • Track/Detection begins creation of a new annotation.

Single Detection

Track List Selected Detection

A track that spans a single frame.

  • deletes the entire detection annotation
  • goes to the first frame of the detection
  • selects the detection and toggles edit mode.


The button will remove the whole track if it's longer than a single detection. To remove individual keyframes, use (the keyframe toggle button).

Multi-frame track

Track List Selected Track

A track that spans multiple frames and has more options

  • deletes the entire track
  • splits the track into 2 smaller tracks on the current frame.
  • is filled in if the current frame annotation is a keyfame. Clicking this will either remove the keyframe if it exists or make the current interpolated annotation a keyframe.
  • turns interpolation on/off for the interval between keyframes.
  • jumps to the first frame of track
  • jumps to the previous keyframe
  • jumps to the next keyframe
  • jumps to the last frame of the track
  • selects the detection and toggles edit mode.