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Trame applications can be bundled into a standalone docker container image that can then be deployed in the cloud with various mechanisms.

The trame-cookiecutter provide an initial example for building such image under bundles/docker/*.

For single file application you can find an example in that repository along with a multi-application setup.


To even streamline the deployment of such docker image, you can leverage CapRover to automatically enable HTTPS/WSS on public domains for your trame app.

Both the cookiecutter in bundles/docker/ and the single file app repo go over the steps to deploy any trame application to CapRover.

Simple deployment over https

Infinite scaling

Trame applications have the possibility to be launched on server less architecture and therefore virtually scale to infinity by using a routing server and the reverse connection infrastructure of its server. Such feature can be leverage both in the cloud or in HPC.

For more details on that feature please reach out to Kitware.

Trame with Azure batch

Interactive Web-based 3D Visualization of large scientific datasets using Azure Batch is a blog post that provides some background on how to create and deploy a trame application on Azure while enabling scalability.