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Introductory course

For those who wish to know more about the internals of trame, this developers course consists of a two-hour training video, as well as associated course slides, exercises, and a compact reference document. This course was originally presented to a group of Kitware developers, and is now available to anyone who wishes to fully leverage trame’s powerful capabilities.

The course describes trame’s architecture; guidance on how to set up a Python virtual environment for trame; various ways to work with internal state, event, ui, and widgets; approaches to working with VTK.js, VTK, and ParaView including VTK’s data processing pipelines along with client-side and server-side rendering; interfaces to the Python and Jupyter ecosystems; and ways to deploy trame as a desktop application or in the cloud.

Please view the following assets to participate in the course.

Want to attend the next one?

We'll try to provide a course at least once a year. If you are interested, feel free to reach out to Kitware so we can keep you in the loop when those get scheduled. We also provide private training which can provide tailored content. Either way, if you have interest in trame we can help. Just talk to us and we'll figure out how to best help you.

Some Slides

View ModelView
Full codevtk.js
vtk.js bindingAdvanced
Shared state summaryEvent summary